Norton - Protect Your Online Identity And Security

Norton is a comprehensive cybersecurity software package that helps protect your computer and mobile devices against malware, viruses, and other online threats. 

Norton has been developed by Symantec Corporation, an international leader in internet security. It includes various features to safeguard users' digital information and keep their data secure from malicious cyber attackers.

Norton offers both desktop and mobile protection. On the desktop side, it provides real-time antivirus scanning as well as detection of spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, bots, keyloggers, and other online threats. 

The application also comes with tools such as web monitoring, firewall protection, and browser settings to give you extra control over how you use the Internet. 

It also runs a complete system scan at regular intervals to identify any potential vulnerabilities or weak points in your system. Additionally, it helps block access to dangerous websites or downloads that may be hiding malware.

For mobile users, Norton Mobile Security offers an additional layer of defense against phishing attacks as well as providing lost device protection and backup/restore options for important data. 

Furthermore, its App Advisor tool allows users to view safety ratings on each installed application before they open it up.

Ultimately, Norton is a robust piece of cybersecurity software designed to protect individuals and businesses alike from malicious attacks on their systems. 

With its wide range of features combined with a focus on easy-to-use solutions, Norton can be a valuable asset in safeguarding your data against the risks posed by cybercrime.

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